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CallApp Premium

April 1, 2024

CallApp Premium APK (Mod)

Android 8.0+
Version 2.179
46.12 MB

APK (CallApp Mod):

Here comes CallApp Premium, the App that solves your life to manage all your calls and messages on your cell phone. With a great technology to identify those unknown numbers that leave you thinking “Who the hell dialed me?”, with a database that shines with more than 7 billion numbers. And so you don’t have to wonder anymore, it has a call tracer and a phone book that gets you out of trouble. How about I tell you that it blocks those annoying spam and marketer calls? And if you have those damn numbers you don’t even want to see, you blacklist them and voila! Also, bring an automatic recorder so you don’t miss an important conversation. And not only that, it’s also the best at handling text messages, identifying and blocking those unknown and spam SMS. To top it off, it integrates with WEAR OS so you can control everything from your smartwatch. And if you want more, there’s a premium subscription, which brings you extra features like WhatsApp caller ID and an improved recorder. In a nutshell, CallApp Premium is the complete solution for you to take your phone communications to the next level.