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CCleaner Pro (Mod)

May 20, 2024

CCleaner Pro Android (Unlocked Mod)

Android 8.0+
Version 24.10.0
41.01 MB

APK (Unlocked Pro):

CCleaner Pro for Android, made by the same developers who specialize in the famous cleaning software for PC and Mac, brings a great solution to improve how your phone works. In other words, this App can erase all the digital garbage, remove the apps you no longer want and free up that storage space that had been lost over the years of use on your phone. The highlight is that it shows you all the details of how the apps you have are draining your data and battery, so you can decide who you keep and who you send to hell. And for added convenience, it has an interface that even your grandmother could use without complications. In addition, it shows you the features and how the hardware of your smartphone works, from the CPU to the RAM, and even warns you if it is heating up or if the battery is in good condition or needs to be replaced by another one. But you have to be vigilant, because some automatic settings can show your location in the background, so if you’re concerned about privacy, you can turn these options off whenever you want. In short, CCleaner Pro for Android is a robust and complete software to leave your cell phone at 100%.