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DamonPS2 Pro (Paid)

March 20, 2024

DamonPS2 Pro APK (Patched)

Android 5.1+
57.64 MB

APK (DamonPS2 Pro):

Enjoy the entire catalog of the best-selling video game console of all time with the DamonPS2 Pro emulator! On Sony’s legendary PlayStation 2 many of the most beloved and remembered games were born, now thanks to this emulator for Android devices you will be able to enjoy most of these great games again in 90% stability. For the emulator to work properly, it only requires the PS2 Bios and Android 5.1 or higher. Once installed, you will be able to modify the touch controls on the screen, configure the video and audio parameters, it allows you to play with other players using the wifi, it is ad-free and you can save the game anywhere in the game. Remember that these PS2 emulators are not very stable and you could say that they are in beta, but hey, something is better than nothing and you don’t lose anything by trying!