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May 30, 2024


Android 5.0+
Version 2.1.6
165.21 MB

APK (MOD Unlimited ammo)

Dead Trigger APK is like a wild ride full of adrenaline in a world where the dead roam, scary stuff! With over 60 million downloads, it’s like the game that hooks you, scares you, and pumps you up all at once. You’re deep in the thick of it here. Battling hordes of zombies, making sure you’ve got your supplies on lock, and protecting other survivors. And all the while, you’re blasting those zombies with all kinds of weapons, from pistols to things like chainsaws! These zombies ain’t dumb either, so you gotta stay sharp. But the best part, bro, is that the game keeps hitting you with updates, like it’s a fully loaded carne asada taco. The fun never runs out with DEAD TRIGGER (Mod). And if you’re feeling this vibe, get ready, ’cause the sequel is on its way, and it’s gonna be even better than a spit-roasted pastor taco!