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May 21, 2024


Android 6.0+
Version 5.3.0
324.84 MB


Dragon Ball Legends for Android is like a kickin’ party on your phone where you dive straight into the anime action and mobile gaming strategy. With over 400 characters to choose from, from the OGs to the baddest of the bad in the saga, you’ve got a ton of options to build your crew. The sickest part is it comes with a brand spankin’ new character, Shallot, whipped up by the legendary Akira Toriyama himself, giving the story a fresh vibe. You’re on a whole new mission to save the world with Shallot and the crew, what more could you want? And don’t forget, you can bring your homies from the DBZ, DBGT, and DBS series to throw down in the brawl, it’s like having a hangout session with your crew on your phone! The gameplay is straight-up 3D action, where you’re controlling your fighters and pullin’ off some sick combos in real-time. And that Devastating Chain, man, that’s what makes you feel like a total boss when you unleash it! The graphics are dope as hell and the animations are smooth like butter, it’s like you’re watching the anime live and in full color. To wrap it up, Dragon Ball Legends apk ain’t just any mobile game, it’s a tribute to the Dragon Ball universe that hits you with all the anime excitement. Give it a shot and you’ll see you won’t regret it!