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ePSXe for Android APK

April 8, 2024

ePSXe for Android APK (Patched + BIOS)

Android 2.3+
Version 2.0.17
14.08 MB

APK (ePSXe for Android):

ePSXe for Android is a PS1 emulator for mobile phones that will allow you to play all the classic games of the first PlayStation with a fluidity and ease never seen before! This emulator, which is the adapted version of the famous ePSXe for the PC, has been designed to provide 100% compatibility and performance on smartphones and tablets, so you can play alone or even with your friends, with a special mode for 2 players on tables. The great thing about ePSXe for Android is that it lets you choose how you want to play. If you’re more into on-screen controls, or if you’d rather connect a physical controller like the Xperia Play, WiiMote, or Xbox 360, that’s no problem, because this emulator has support for a variety of options, even with analog controls for a more precise gaming experience. And don’t think it stops there, this PSX emulator also gives you the option to enhance the graphics with different settings, so you can play your way. With support for both ARM and Intel Atom X86 processors, this emulator is ready to run on any type of mobile device.