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Game Boy Advance (GBA) Pack 435 ROMS (MEGA + MediaFire)

May 4, 2022

Game Boy Advance (GBA) Pack 435 ROMS (MEGA + MediaFire)


The Game Boy Advance is probably my favorite handheld console of all time. I remember that my first game that I enjoyed on this mythical laptop was the legendary Mario Kart: Super Circuit. The first thing that caught my attention at the time (2001) were its incredible graphics and the great technical advance compared to the Game Boy Color and not only that, the catalog of games is huge and full of great classics that came to light in this nintendo portable. Now you can relive those magical moments with this pack that I leave below with almost 500 ROMs to download from a single link without advertising.

Download Links (Pack 435 Games Game Boy Advance):

– Console Type: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
– Developer: Nintendo
– File size: 1.78 GB

Other ROMs to Download: HERE

Download emulator for Android: HERE


Separate ROMS: HERE

Any question or request, you can do it in the comments.