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Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition (Mod)

May 13, 2024

Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition APK

Android 8.0+
Version 1.0.9
2.05 GB

APK (Netflix license removed):

If you like fast-paced games with lots of explosions and destruction everywhere, then I think you might like Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition! This Android game is like a bomb of endless fun, and also in this version we have removed the Netflix license, which means that it is completely unlocked. Alongside Ziggs and Heimerdinger in the middle of the action, the game is a mix of music races and total mayhem in the neighborhoods of Piltover. Using the character of Ziggs, you have to drop bombs, jump and move to the beat of the music to make disasters everywhere. And the more mess you make, the better. With the Freestyle Mayhem System, you can improvise and put together your own symphonies of mayhem, scoring points while dodging the fun police. Visually, it’s like a fireworks show, but more explosive. With explosions and flashes all around as you make your way through Piltover. And on top of that, you have the chance to explore the dark alleys with classic League of Legends champions. In short, Hextech Mayhem Netflix Edition (Mod) is a mind-blowing experience that combines action, music, and mayhem in a visual show that will leave you glued to your phone. Download it fully patched for your Android phone!