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Homescapes (Mod)

May 23, 2024

Homescapes (Mod)

Android 4.4+
Version 7.1.1
169.35 MB

APK (MOD, Unlimited Stars)

Let me put you up on game about this dope app called Homescapes for Android, straight from Playrix. It’s gonna have you hooked, man! Picture this: you’re rolling with Austin, the butler, going all out to spruce up his crib. You gotta tackle some colorful, laid-back puzzles to move forward and unlock new parts of the mansion. What’s cool about this game is that you ain’t just solving puzzles, you’re also flexing your interior design skills. You got the freedom to pick out furniture and decor for every nook and cranny of the house, from the kitchen to the garage. It’s like having your own design mag right on your phone! Plus, the characters are chill as hell and they crack jokes with each other. You can hit up your Facebook crew to help you give the mansion a cozy vibe. It’s all about that camaraderie, you know? The combo levels are stacked with power-ups and explosive combos that keep you hooked. And to add a touch of sweetness, they got this mischievous little kitty that’s just too cute! In a nutshell, Homescapes (Mod) is like a lit party on your phone where you mix puzzles, interior design, and a bit of mischief. Perfect for those looking to work out their minds and unleash their creative side anywhere they go. Grab it with unlimited stars, yo!