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IwantU App (Mod)

April 6, 2024

IwantU App Mobile adult (Mod 18+)

Android 4.0+
Version 1.3.7
25.70 MB

APK (IwantU App 18+):

IwantU App (Mod) is an exclusive content app for adults (18+) that stands out for copying the interface and style of Tiktok. Users can upload their own porn videos very easily, and to watch the videos you just have to scroll by swiping the screen up or down, just like you would on Tiktok. This has made this porn app one of the best known and most downloaded of the moment, due to its ease of use, large number of adult videos and also does not have any type of advertising. It has a search bar, you can follow registered users, it allows you to download the videos, you can comment on the videos and much more. So, if you like Tiktok, you should install IwantU App Mod which is like its copy, but with videos exclusively for adults.