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NEO.emu Emulator

April 8, 2024

NEO.emu Emulator APK (Mod)

Android 2.3+
Version 1.5.81
20.24 MB

APK (NEO.emu Pro):

NEO.emu is a Neogeo home and Arcade system emulator that will make you feel like you’re carrying this legendary home console in your pocket! It’s based on Gngeo and is designed to give you that classic experience without the hassle. It is very well optimized to work on any mobile, you just need to place the Bios together with the ROMS and the games will load at 100% without any lag or errors. What really makes this emulator amazing is its features. You can use MAME 0.144 or newer sets, but as I said you’ll need a BIOS Plus, you can directly edit the BIOS region and mode from the app menu! And speaking of controls, they’re completely customizable! Whether you prefer to touch the screen or connect a Bluetooth/USB gamepad, you have the freedom to play your way! In short, if you want to relive those glory days in the arcade or at home with Neogeo, the NEO.emu (Full) emulator is an impressive option. It gives you all the excitement of classic games, all from the palm of your hand!