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NetShare Pro

May 13, 2024

NetShare - no-root-tethering APK (Premium)

Android 6.0+
Version 2.36
1.01 MB

APK (NetShare Pro):

If you’re thinking of buying a Wi-Fi repeater to extend the signal, forget about that because with NetShare Premium for your Android you have everything taken care of. This mobile app gets you out of trouble if you need to share your mobile data or expand your WiFi connection without having to pay extra for a tethering plan. Compatible with Android 6 and newer devices, this app breaks the chains of locked hotspot and tethering features, creating a WiFi hotspot that you can’t see or feel, so you can share your connection seamlessly. Best of all, it allows you to create a WiFi hotspot while still connected to another WiFi network, making this a premium WiFi repeater. And don’t think it’s settling for the basics, it uses Tether WiFi and C libraries to optimize connection speed, leaving Bluetooth behind. One of the most amazing things is that it can improve those weak WiFi signals, turning your phone into a real hero by boosting the signal in places where WiFi coverage is a disaster. In short, NetShare Premium is your ally if you need to share data or improve your WiFi connection without hassle or restrictions, giving you reliable and easy connectivity for your digital adventures on Android.