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NewPipe (Mod)

May 13, 2024

NewPipe Mod APK (YouTube No ADS)

Android 4.4+
Version 0.27.0
10.39 MB

APK (Lightweight YouTube):

If you like watching videos on YouTube but are tired of those annoying ads and weird permissions, NewPipe (Mod) is what you need on your Android. It’s made to give you the original YouTube experience without all the extra bells and whistles you don’t want, and best of all, without getting in trouble with YouTube APIs or Google playback services, because it’s completely legal. What really stands out about this app is that it cares about your privacy and gives you all the transparency you need. The app pulls its data from the official APIs of the services it uses, such as YouTube or PeerTube, without you having to go around with accounts or stories, so you can enjoy your favorite videos without stress. And that’s not all, NewPipe (Pro) comes loaded with features, from watching videos in 4K quality to subscribing to channels and getting notifications for new videos, all without needing to log in! And don’t miss the option to download videos, audios, and subtitles for offline viewing. With support for a ton of video and audio services, from YouTube to SoundCloud, this app is becoming increasingly popular among those of us who love streaming. In short, NewPipe Mod gives you full control of YouTube Premium without paying a dime, giving you a hassle-free viewing experience without those distractions you don’t want.