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Nintendo DS (NDS) Pack 360 ROMS (MEGA + MediaFire)

May 6, 2022

Nintendo DS (NDS) Pack 360 ROMS (MEGA + MediaFire)


The Nintendo DS was the direct successor to the Game Boy Advance, bringing major changes to its architecture and physical design. What stood out the most at first glance were the 2 screens, one of which was touch screen with an integrated pen. In addition, voice could be used to execute certain commands and for the first time a Nintendo handheld console came with integrated Wi-Fi. The console was a huge sales success, breaking some records, and also marked the end of the Game Boy series. The number of games that were released for this system is huge. Many are pretty bad but there are also true Triple A worth playing again and again. That’s why today I bring you a pack with 300 ROMS to download in a single link and 60 separate ROMS to download separately.

Download Links (Pack 360 Games – Nintendo DS (NDS):

– Console Type: Nintendo DS (NDS)
– Developer: Nintendo
– File size: 5.75 GB
– Password:

Other ROMs to Download: HERE

Download emulator for Android: HERE


Separate ROMS: HERE

Any question or request, you can do it in the comments.