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PDF Extra Premium

May 28, 2024

PDF Extra Premium APK

Android 7.0+
Version 10.14.2521
87.93 MB

APK (Unlocked Premium)

PDF Extra Premium apk is an app that gives you a hand with everything you need for managing your PDF files. From viewing and editing to converting and protecting, there’s no hassle you can’t solve with this amazing tool. The best part is, if you’ve got some documents on paper, no worries, because with its optical character recognition technology, you can scan and convert them into PDFs for the future. On top of that, you can fill out forms, add your signature to documents, and change their format without losing the original style. With its cloud integration, they give you 5 GB of free space, and if you want more, they offer up to 50 GB with their Premium plan! What I dig the most is that they really focus on security. You can lock down your documents with passwords and digital certificates, so they don’t go blabbing around. And buddy, the PDF viewer is top-notch, with customizable options and tools so you can make annotations or highlight your texts hassle-free. Although the app is free, if you want to access all the cool features, you’ll have to make some in-app purchases. But isn’t that neat? In summary, PDF Extra Mod is your ideal buddy for handling your PDF files on your phone, with everything you need and more. Come on, give it a look!