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PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack

May 28, 2024

PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack APK

Android 5.0+
Version 17.0.1
13.58 MB

APK (Full Patched)

PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack APK is the bomb if you love giving your phone a personal touch. Imagine this, it’s got over 2700 icons, so pretty much every app you got will have its own style. And not just that, it lets you organize your apps into folders with minimalist icons, keeping everything looking tight and clean. What really rocks is that you can change the colors of the system icons, so if you want everything to match your vibe, you’re all set! Plus, the Google calendar shows you the current date automatically, like magic. The KWGT Pro widget is the cherry on top, because you can design your own widgets to match perfectly with your icons. For the art lovers, there are 20 Pixel Art wallpapers that give you a cool, retro feel. And the best part is, it works with all popular launchers, so no worries about compatibility. With the one-tap icon request, if any app doesn’t have its own icon, you can easily request it! In short, PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack (Mod) makes personalizing your phone as easy as pie, giving you tons of options to make everything look just the way you like it.