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ZEDGE Premium

April 17, 2024


Android 7.0+
Version 8.40.2
52.55 MB

APK (ZEDGE Premium):

ZEDGE Premium has everything you need to personalize your phone! From cool wallpapers to ringtones to digital art, you’ll find it all here. And don’t worry, there’s something for all tastes and styles, from HD backgrounds to 3D artwork and even eye-catching icon packs. And that’s not all, now they even have some Parallax wallpapers, which make everything look very deep and beautiful. Almost as if you had it in your hands! And what about the ZEDGE Premium Paint AI feature? You can describe whatever you want and they make it for you on wallpaper. An easy way to express your creativity. And not to mention the ringtones and sounds, you can put whatever you want on your phone, from alarms to notifications, all to your liking. With very useful things like saving your favorites without having to download them, logging in from wherever you want and notifications of important things, this App is like your inseparable friend to give your personal touch to your cell phone. With its incredible content and integration with the community, you’re really on a deep artistic journey.